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Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave

Support prior to maternity, paternity or adoption leave

Guided by central university policies and processes, we are committed to providing appropriate support and promoting equality across all staff/student groups before, during and after all types of parental leave.

After disclosure that such leave is required, staff are informed about:

  • developing a maternity plan and cover arrangements, both University and Departmental

  • required actions, such as health and safety risk assessments

  • support offered before, during and after the leave period, including time off for ante-natal appointments and the University nursery

  • the Warwick Academic Returners Fellowships for academics

  • Keeping In Touch (KIT) days

  • Please visit The Family Friendly Policy HubLink opens in a new window for more information about policies and resources available.
  • Staff can make an appointment with our HR contact, Justine Pearson ( to discuss the process and their queries in more detail.

Support during leave

As a positive way of keeping up to date with departmental activities during KIT days they have the option of joining via TEAMS.

In addition to KIT days, parents may take up to 20 ‘shared parental leave in touch’ (SPLIT) days, which are paid at normal rates.

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Support for those returning to work after maternity, paternity or adoption leave

In 2020 the Department ran a Maternity/Paternity/adoption Focus groups to capture the experiences of those who had used maternity/paternity leave in the Department. Suggestions from this group were fed into the ASWG action plan to be taken forward.

Networks and support schemes

working parent network   Line-managers and HR advisors welcome returners and provide information on the University's Returning Parent’s Network, the ‘Returning Parents Mentoring Scheme’, and a newly launched ‘Working Parents Staff Network Buddy Scheme’.

Nursing Mothers space

breastfeeding   In 2019 we established a quiet space close to the visiting baby lab area for breastfeeding. This a private, comfortable space where women can express/store breast-milk at work, or have a rest.

Returns awards and fellowships

We are committed to addressing the retention of excellent academic talent, and recognise that absence due to maternity/paternity/adoption leave can have a detrimental impact on research output. We offer a 'Warwick Academic Returners Fellowship’, which provides financial support relieving staff of teaching and administrative duties to fully concentrate on research. This funding opportunity is advertised on the maternity leave planning checklist. The two most recent returners from maternity leave have benefitted from this scheme.

University of Warwick nursery and holiday schemes

The University of Warwick nursery (rated Outstanding by OFSTED) provides care from 6 months to 5 years, full time or part time from Monday to Friday (8.15am - 5.45pm). Holiday schemes are also facilitated via the nursery for children aged 5 to 16 years during week days in the school vacations. These are advertised on the website and internal newsletters and are promoted by line managers.

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