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Maternity Leave

Changes to University Maternity and Adoption Pay

The University improved its Maternity and Adoption pay offerings in January 2020. The changes intended to make our offering more generous and competitive within the sector as well as seeking to retain key colleagues at University post maternity or adoption leave. Further information about the changes can be found here.

Maternity Leave and Pay Policy - April 2020

Maternity/Adoption Leave Plan

***NEW Maternity/Adoption Leave Pay Modeller


Maternity Leave and Pay Policy and Maternity/Adoption Leave Plan for information only.

Maternity Leave and SuccessFactors

The following guide details how to record your maternity leave step-by-step.

How to record maternity/adoption leave in SuccessFactors guide

Recording Maternity or Adoption Leave - Employee checklist

Reviewing Maternity or Adoption Leave Requests - Line Manager checklist

Payment for KIT/SPLIT days can also now be processed within SuccessFactors and the guidance for how to do this is found on the Payroll web pages.

Need to access any other forms and general information about your maternity leave? The below should help - please contact your HR Business Partner if you have any queries.
  • Checklist for employees (Word Document) - Find out what you need to know before, during and after your maternity leave.
  • Checklist for managers (Word Document) - Find out what you and your employee need to know before, during and after their maternity leave.
  • Warwick Academic Returners Fellowship policy (PDF Document) (February 2017) - Learn about the Academic Returners Fellowship and what your options are as someone on a full academic contract who'll be returning to work from long-term leave (e.g. maternity/adoption, extended paternity, etc)
Important note regarding Mat B1 forms

Please note that for the MAT B1 to be valid and acceptable by the HMRC, registered midwifes must include:

  • their Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) personal identification number
  • the expiry date of their registration with NMC

Doctors must use their name and address stamp.

Please check the validity of your/your partner's Mat B1 before submission