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Maternity Leave

Need to access forms and information about your maternity leave? The below should help - please contact your HR Adviser if you have any queries.
  • Maternity policy - Information regarding the University's maternity leave policy and procedures.
  • Maternity leave pay options modeller - If you would like to see the financial implications of the maternity options please see our modeller.
  • Maternity leave plan  This should be completed to notify the University or your Department of your intentions regarding maternity leave.
  • Checklist for employees (Word Document) - Find out what you need to know before, during and after your maternity leave.
  • Checklist for managers (Word Document) - Find out what you and your employee need to know before, during and after their maternity leave.
  • Warwick Academic Returners Fellowship policy (PDF Document) (February 2017) - Learn about the Academic Returners Fellowship and what your options are as someone on a full academic contract who'll be returning to work from long-term leave (e.g. maternity/adoption, extended paternity, etc)
  • KIT form (Excel Spreadsheet) - Available to record Keeping In Touch days.

When accessing some of our forms you may be redirected to Office 365. If this is the case please enter your University email address in the following format and hit enter (you do not need to put in your password at this stage.

To download a document, click on the ellipses in the top right and then Download.