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Postgraduate students have access to the latest cutting edge technology and laboratories for conducting research. Our facilities on the main campus include:

  • laboratories with eyetracking, ERP, movement, and physiological (EDA, HRV, Respiration rate, skin temperature) measurement facilities
  • a large partitioned computer laboratory comprising of 24 cubicles for simultaneous testing
  • a sleep and pain laboratory
  • a cognitive neuroscience laboratory for electrophysiological experiments
  • sound proof cubicles and many other individual testing cubicles

We work closley with the Warwick Business School and Economics Department and share their facilities.

We have access to over a thousand participants via our SONA participation panel.

We also provide private study spaces including the Postgraduate Hub, which is a dedicated multi-purpose space for postgraduate students on campus, the Learning Grids, which are flexible and informal spaces for group and individual study that can be used by all members of the University, and the Central Library.