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APTS Mailing Lists

A number of mailing lists are maintained by APTS to aid communication.

The table below summarises the name, membership and function of each of these lists. If anything is unclear or you believe you've identified any substantial omissions then please apts dot admin at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Mailing List Membership Purpose
apts-academic-contacts Academic Contacts (those responsible for registering students and monitoring their progress) in every Sending Institution Used to send information relating to:
  • Student registration/cancellation
  • Availability of material
  • Assessment
The subset of members of this list whose organisations are APTS Underwriting Institutions will be asked, every third September, to participate in the nomination and election of representative Underwriting Institutions to the Executive Committee on behalf of their institution.
apts-advisory Members of the APTS Advisory Committee (which advises the Executive Committee on all matters relating to the direction and organisation of APTS):
  • Representatives of all Member Institutions
  • Two elected student representatives
  • APTS Director(s)
Used for:
  • Circulation of AC papers
  • Election of AC Representatives
  • Consultation of the AC between meetings
  • Provision of pertinent information about APTS to Member Institutions
apts-discussion Members of the APTS Executive Committee and representatives of "underwriting institutions": Used for:
  • Consulation of the combined group by email.
apts-executive Members of the APTS Executive Committee (which overseas the management and direction of APTS):
  • EPSRC Representative
  • Representatives of up to Eight Underwriting Institutions
  • Two AC Representatives
  • APTS Director(s)
Used for:
  • Circulation of EC papers
  • Consulation of the EC between meetings
apts-uis Representatives of APTS "Underwriting Institutions": Used for:
  • Circulation of EC papers for reference
  • Circulation of other material of interest to UIs
  • Consulation of UIs
apts-week? Students attending APTS week ? in a given academic year. Used for:
  • Direction of students to material (administrative and academic) available on this website related to week ?
  • Provision of information about accommodation, travel and organisational issues
  • Seeking specific information from students where this is required by local organisers or module leaders
  • After the first week of each year, the apts-week1 list is used to coordinate the election of two APTS Student Representatives to join the Advisory Committee for that year
apts-alumni Attendees of APTS weeks in previous years. Used for:
  • Circulation of an annual alumni newsletter
  • Contacting alumni with pertinent information
  • Seeking feedback on APTS towards the end of PhD studies by APTS alumni

Please see the APTS Constitution PDF file and the FAQ page for more information.