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Detailed information for APTS Week 3, 12th-16th July 2021

Welcome to APTS Week 3 Online!

This webpage contains important informations concerning the APTS week. Please do read it carefully.

Week's resources

Written materials for the week can be found on the resources webpage.

Video materials will be available through the Team created for the APTS week, see "Accessing the meetings and video lectures", below.

IT Preparation for the APTS Week

The APTS week will take place on the MS Teams platform. If you are not from Warwick, you will receive an email with personal details to register your personal Warwick IT account. Warwick students should use their usual ITS account.

All meetings of the APTS week will be recorded and made available via the MS Teams platform. We suggest you read carefully the page about accessing Teams at Warwick. While you can access the MS Teams platform via a web browser, we strongly recommend that you use the desktop version of the application, which you can download here.

You might already be familiar with MS Teams. If this is not the case, this short introductory video will be helpful, and there are more detailed video tutorials if you are interested.

Accessing the meetings and video lectures

You will be added to a Team called "APTS Week 3 2020--2021" that will be private to all week 3 participants. You should receive a notification about this, but if this is not the case, you will see the Team by clicking on the "Teams" icon at the left of the MS Teams application.

If you have difficulties accessing the MS Team of the APTS week, please look at the FAQ regarding accessing the MS Team for APTS Week 3.


Click on the image below to see the timetable of synchronous (live) events. These consist of lectures and computer labs.


Module details

The two modules taught during the week are Computer Intensive Statistics (Paul Jenkins) and High-dimensional Statistics (Yi Yu).

Teaching plans for Computer Intensive Statistics

The Computer Intensive Statistics module consists of seven sessions:

  1. Introduction, the bootstrap (slides parts 1)
  2. Basic Monte Carlo: transformation, rejection, importance sampling (slides part 2)
  3. Markov Chain Monte Carlo (slides part 3 sections 7-9)
  4. Computer lab 1 (exercises on first three lectures)
  5. Annealing, augmentation (slides part 3 section 10, part 4)
  6. Theory and practice (slides part 5)
  7. Computer lab 2 (exercises on last two lectures)

Each lecture will be given live over Teams and will be recorded and made available. Computer labs will take place as live sessions over Teams - these will be mostly undirected, with the module leader and teaching assistants available throughout for questions. You will need a computer with R installed for taking part in the labs. In preparation, you can look at the following introduction to R Programming for statistics. Please read through this material if you are unfamiliar with R.

There is a set of preliminary notes that you should look through before starting the lectures. These notes cover the basics of Monte Carlo and a reminder of the probability theory needed for the course.

Lecture notes and slides will be available by the start of the APTS week.

Teaching plans for High-Dimensional statistics

The High-dimensional Statistics module consists of seven sessions:

  • Sessions 1-3, Introduction, Lasso and de-biased Lasso in linear regression problems
  • Session 4, Fused Lasso in change point detection problems
  • Session 5, Graphical Lasso in graphical models
  • Sessions 6-7, Reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces in functional linear regressions.

Each lecture will be given live over Teams and will be recorded and made available. Lecture notes will be available after each session.

Online codes of Conduct

APTS expects all participants to abide by the codes of conduct of the University of Warwick noting in particular the acceptable use policy. APTS reserves the right to cancel any registration in the event of violation of said codes of conduct.

Privacy Notice

Please note that for the duration of its existence your Warwick IT account will have your full name associated with it and this will be visible to all University of Warwick staff members. Your name will be visible in any Microsoft Teams event in which you participate. A full privacy statement can be viewed here.