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WOGAS3 Programme and Working Groups

WOGAS3 Programme

Below is a detailed programme for the WOGAS3 workshop. Preliminary material and other information for the working groups themselves follow at the end of the programme.

The meeting is taking place in Complexity, Zeeman (Maths/Stats) Building, University of Warwick, with the talks happening in the Complexity Seminar Room (D1.07).

Tuesday 5th April

am: Arrivals/coffee

12.30: Buffet lunch

1.25: Opening Remarks: Frank Critchley (Open University)

1.30: Opening session:

4.00: Tea

4.30: Session 1:

6.45: Reception

7.45: Dinner at Rootes (for those staying in Warwick Accommodation)


Wednesday 6th April 

9.00: Session 2:

10.30: Coffee

11.00: Session 3: Working Group: Geometry of Model Space

1.00: Lunch

2.30: Session 4: Working Group: Graphical Models with potential AS/IG synergies

4.30: Tea

5.00: Session 5: Working Group: Decision Geometry

  • 5:00 Phil Dawid (Cambridge): A geometric approach to Bayesian local sensitivity (joint work with Monica Musio, Cagliari)
  • 5.30: Discussion, led by convenors
  • 6.30: Session ends

7.00: Dinner


Thursday 7th April 

9.00: Session 6:

10.30: Coffee

11.00: Session 7: Working Group: Hybrid symbolic-numerical approaches

1.00: Lunch

2.00: Session 8: Working Group: Geometry of MCMC methods

4.00: Closing remarks

4.30: Tea and departures


Working Group Information


WOGAS 3 will focus on several working group areas, which are listed below. Information relating to each of those groups will also be posted here as it becomes available.

o Decision Geometry - Organisers: Phil Dawid and Matt Parry

Paper for Discussion [PDF]

o Geometry of MCMC - Organisers: Mark Girolami and Matt Parry

Three 20 min talks on

a. Exploiting geometry to design MCMC methods for nonlinear dynamic systems - Julien Cornebise, UCL
b. MCMC sampling of finite mixture and admixture models: when will geometry help? - Vassilios Stathopoulos, Glasgow
c. Robustness of MALA algorithms - Krzysztof Latuszynski, Warwick

Some Relevant work:

Riemann Manifold Langevin and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

JRSSB Discussion Paper by Girolami and Calderhead to appear in March [Wiley JRSSB Webpage]

o Graphical Models, with potential AS/GS synergies - Organisers: Frank Critchley and Jim Smith

Discussion document here [PDF]

Three Talks on Computational Information Geometry for discussion: [CIG1] [CIG2 - PDF,12Mb, ZIP, 2Mb] [CIG3]

o Hybrid symbolic-numerical approaches - Organiser: Henry Wynn

Discussion document here [PDF]

o Geometry of Model Space - Organiser: Paul Marriott

Discussion document here [PDF]