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AS&RU and The National Archives finalist in Digital Preservation Coalition prize for research and innovation for a probabilistic decision support tool for preservation of the nation’s digital heritage

AS&RU researchers, Dr Martine Barons, Dr Thais Fonseca and Prof Jim Smith have developed a decision support system (DiAGRAM) in collaboration with The National Archive (TNA) for the digital archiving community. The project – called “Safeguarding the nation’s digital memory” built on research by Prof Smith, Dr Manuele Leonelli and Dr Martine Barons to develop a probabilistic model to allow archives of different sizes and structures to assess risk levels for their digital collections and how the risk levels change under proposed interventions. TNA states that the nation’s digital heritage is rich, complex and fragile. This material – born-digital records (in a variety of formats), web archives, digitised archival materials – is under threat from rapidly evolving technology, outdated policies and a skills gap across the archives sector. To preserve this heritage for future generations, we must understand and navigate a vast and ever-shifting risk landscape. This tool, launched in November 2020, was developed with input with a number of partner archives and with input from archives across the world, including Brazil, USA, Australia and more. It was shortlisted as a finalist in the worldwide Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) Awards and has already received a request to translate into Turkish!

There were nominations from 14 countries for the DPC Awards. The winners in the research & innovation category were ‘Introducing levels of born digital’ .

Thu 05 Nov 2020, 16:22 | Tags: ASRU

AS&RU Director, Dr Martine Barons, is one of eight people interviewed in the October special issue on Knowledge Exchange of Mathematics Today, which also highlights the role of many routes for KE

AS&RU Director, Dr Martine Barons, features in the October special issue on Knowledge Exchange of Mathematics Today. Knowledge exchange - a process which brings together academic staff, users of research and wider groups and communities to increase the impact of research – is important to ensure the benefit of research are enjoyed by society as a whole. Knowledge exchange in the mathematical sciences is, perhaps, the hardest of all, as there are significant social barriers as even the well-educated can perceive mathematics as a difficult subject that exposes the weakness of their intelligence and reduces their confidence in their intellectual capacity. In this Special issue, eight people with strong records in knowledge exchange are interviewed, including Dr Barons, and the role of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is explored. Even during lockdown, virtual knowledge exchange events, akin to study groups, have been operating very successfully and bringing the power of the mathematical sciences to bear on society’s pressing problems.

Wed 21 Oct 2020, 16:21 | Tags: Dept, ASRU

Congratulations to Dr Martine Barons who has been invited to be part of the 12-strong Bond Review Implementation Group

Fri 29 Mar 2019, 13:23 | Tags: Dept, ASRU

Professor Simon French named as the Ramsey Medalist for 2017 by the Decision Analysis Society

Simon French has been named as the Ramsey Medalist for 2017 by the Decision Analysis Society within INFORMS. The award is the highest award of the Decision Analysis Society and recognizes distinguished contributions to the field of decision analysis. Much of Simon's work has centered on the use of expert judgment in risk and decision analysis, particularly the aggregation of disparate opinions. After the Chernobyl Accident, he became deeply involved in the fields of risk communication and emergency management. This led to a string of papers and work focused on nuclear and food safety. More recently, he has become interested in social decision making and democracy in the internet age.

Wed 16 Aug 2017, 11:21 | Tags: RISCU, Dept, Faculty of Science, ASRU