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Teaching Forum

Welcome to the Teaching Forum!

The Teaching Forum has been established as a place to think about, learn about and discuss teaching. The aim is to organise a couple of sessions per term around topics of interest.

Organiser for 2020-2021: Dr Samuel Touchard

2020-2021 Sessions

Date: 3-5pm, 11th December (Friday)
Location: Teams

Presenter: Dr Ioannis Kosmidis (Warwick)
Title: Enhancing the accessibility of teaching materials: structure, content and colours
Abstract: In this presentation, we discuss simple steps to increase the accessibility of teaching content to individuals with sight or colour difficulties.

We will focus on HTML content generated using R Markdown because that framework and derivative software like, e.g., the bookdown R package are getting more and more pervasive when it comes to authoring and exchanging teaching and other content in the Data Science ecosystem. R markdown will also get even more pervasive now that Python integrates so nicely with R via the reticulate R package!

Many other people have dealt with aspects of what I will present here, so I do not claim that there is anything particularly original or novel in the content here. What is perhaps useful is having it all in one place.

Date: 2-3pm, 22nd January (Friday)
Location: Teams

Presenter: Dr Rachel Hilliam (Open University)
Title: Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Statistics online? What lessons can we take away?

Abstract: In this presentation I’ll give an overview of some of the resources that the mathematics and statistics community have shared through TALMO workshops and share some initial feedback on the resources.

I will show you how my students at the OU use (or fail to use) different resources and where it might be wise to direct limited staff resource. We will discuss how this might be different in different institutions.

Finally, we will discuss whether there are aspects of online learning that we might want to incorporate into our teaching provision when we return to a predominantly face to face environment.


TALMO resources

Date: 3-4pm, 12th March (Friday)
Location: Teams

Presenter: Dr Elinor Jones (UCL)
Title: Active learning for undergraduate statisticians post pandemic
Abstract: The pandemic has forced us to rapidly transform the way we teach and, in particular, has been a catalyst for rethinking our attachment to the traditional lectures. This year, many of us have adopted a more "active learning" approach where students learn through activities designed to encourage participation and engagement with the course material. Now that we are (hopefully) nearing a post-pandemic world, how do we put education back together again? What online learning strategies may survive, and which will we gladly drop?

In this talk, I describe aspects of online active learning that have worked well this year and how these observations may shape teaching in future.

Date: 3-4pm, 7th May (Friday)
Location: Teams

Presenter: Dr Shahin Tavakoli (Warwick)
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA

Date: 3-4pm, 28th May (Friday)
Location: Teams

Presenter: Dr Jérémie Houssineau (Warwick)
Title: TBA
Abstract: TBA