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David Firth, software: Kuvee and qvcalc


These software tools compute quasi-variances for estimates of a group or factor effect in a generalized linear model (including linear models, logistic regression, log linear models, hazard models, etc.) The software can be used either in conjunction with R (as contributed package qvcalc) or Xlisp-Stat on a PC, Mac or Unix computer; or remotely through the Kuvee web-based calculator.

The qvcalc package in R

The current, stable release of qvcalc is published on CRAN, at

Installation in R:


Web-based calculator 'Kuvee'

Kuvee was new in 2013 — developed and maintained by Shaun Killingbeck. This is a client-side calculator, which offers improved facilities and performance, and which replaces the server-side calculator that was previously available here.


Documentation is available in various forms. The currently maintained dosumentation sources are:

  1. Standardized documentation for the qvcalc package in R (including some references to the research literature too)
  2. a brief description of the methodology, for users of the web-based Kuvee calculator

In addition, there is a more complete (but older) manual, "Quasi-variances in Xlisp-Stat and on the Web", intended mainly for those who use the method in conjunction with Xlisp-Stat on their own computer. Cite as: Firth, D (2000), Quasi-variances in Xlisp-Stat and on the web, Journal of Statistical Software 5.4, 1-13.


For use with R:

The R package qvcalc is available at CRAN. See above for installation in R.

For use with Xlisp-Stat:

[Note: The Xlisp-Stat implementation is no longer supported in any way.]

If you want to use the QV Calculator on your own computer in conjunction with Xlisp-Stat, the file needed is:

After downloading qvcalc.lsp simply Load it into Xlisp-Stat to make available the QV Calculator.

The ship-damage example discussed in the documentation is in a separate file:

Version history for the R package "qvcalc"

Please see the NEWS page.

QV Calculator

© David Firth, 1999-2019. This software carries ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY: feel free to use it, but use it at your own risk!

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