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Models and Inference in Population Genetics IV: Fragmentation-coalescence and related models

University of Warwick, 15–18 April 2024

This workshop is the fourth of series of earlier events held in 2012Link opens in a new window, 2015Link opens in a new window, and 2019Link opens in a new window. For this edition there will be an additional theme of fragmentation and coalescence, in association with the EPSRC project "Random fragmentation-coalescence processes out of equilibriumLink opens in a new window".

Stochastic coalescence and fragmentation models respectively describe how blocks of mass randomly join together and break apart over time according certain rules of random evolution. These models are important in fields including physical chemistry, ecology, and population genetics – where coalescence and fragmentation underlie widely studied genealogical processes. The aims of this workshop are to bring together researchers in probability and statistics working in all aspects of fragmentation, coalescence, genealogy, and genetic inference.

A full programme will appear here closer to the event.


Dept of Statistics
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom

Confirmed speakers

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Poster sessions

There will be a poster reception on the afternoon of 15 April, taking place in the atrium of the Mathematical Science Building. Attendees are encouraged to submit a poster abstract. There will also be an opportunity to present a short summary of your poster as a brief talk in a Poster Summaries session earlier in the same day.

  • Confirmed poster presenters will appear here.

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