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Data and Statistics Group at Warwick

The Data and Statistics group is led by Prof. Chenlei Leng in the statistics department at Warwick. We employ data-driven approaches to conduct fundamental research in Big Data for discovering pattern and knowledge. In particualr, we are interested in developing innovative methodologies that are data-based, statistically justified and algorithmically guaranteed for analysing large complex data.

Our research currently focuses on statistical machine learning, high-dimensional statistics, and statistics of networks.


  • Sept, 2021. Stefan won an Honourable Mention in the 2021 Doctoral Researcher Awards. He also won an IMS Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award and a Honorable Mention in ASA's SLDS Student Paper Award competition earlier this year. Congratulations on your hat trick, Stefan!

Current PhD Students

  • Jeremias Knoblauch (joint with Theo Damoulas), supported by OxWaSP
  • Zhenzhong Huang, supported by Chancellor's international Scholarship
  • Stefan Stein, supported by ICASE joint with Tata Steel
  • Mengchu Li (joint with Yi Yu), supported by a CDT scholarship
  • Yuanjie Yin (joint with Tom Berrett), supported by a CSC scholarship


  • Lizhu Tao. Currently a lecturer in Sichuan University.

Visiting Students

  • Lei Wang, Summer 2016, University of Science and Technology of China, now PhD student in the University of Minnesota.
  • Rentian Yao, Summer 2018, Fudan University, now PhD student in UIUC.
  • Jiemiao Chen, Summer 2021, Shandong University