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New! APACE, Accelerated Permutation inference for the ACE model, a tool for fast heritability inference.

See also the recent SwE, the Sandwich Estimator toolbox, an SPM extension for longitudinal and repeated measures data.

I am a contributing developer of two neuroimaging software analysis programs, FSL & SPM.

I contribute to the core components of these packages, and also have created distinct add-on toolboxes. My contributions include...

  • randomise, the component of FSL that provides nonparametric permutation-based inference.
  • SnPM, a toolbox for SPM provides nonparametric permutation-based inference
  • SPMd, a toolbox or SPM that provides assumption-checking and data exploration tools
  • FDR, a more powerful approach to multiple testing (was an extension, now integrated into SPM).

Finally, check my blog, Neuroimaging Tips & Tricks for more software nibbles.


Contact Info

Room D0.03
Deptment of Statistics
University of Warwick
United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)24 761 51086
Email: t.e.nichols 'at'
Blog: NISOx blog

[Book Cover]

Handbook of fMRI Data Analysis by Russ Poldrack, Thomas Nichols and Jeanette Mumford