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NeuroImaging Nonparametric Genetic Analysis

NeuroImaging Nonparametric Genetic Analysis (NINGA) toolbox for heritability inference and association inference controlling for heritability.

Beta Release!

Please contact Habib Ganjgahi & Tom Nichols with any questions.

  • Features:
    1. Fast and powerful voxel-wise heritability analysis.
    2. Covariate inference in presence of nuisance kinship matrix.
    3. Fast and powerful Genome-wide association analysis for related and unrelated individuals.
    4. Can provide Family-wise corrected pvalues for spatial statistics, i.e., cluster size or TFCE statistics.
  • Technical details:
    • Fast and Powerful Genome Wide Association Analysis of Dense Genetic Data with High Dimensional Imaging Phenotypes. Habib Ganjgahi, Anderson M. Winkler, David C. Glahn, John Blangero, Brian Donohue, Peter Kochunov, Thomas E. Nichols. bioRxiv 179150; doi:
  • Software-- Matlab toolbox for spm8, spm 12 or FSL (ZIP or other archive)
    • check out the "REDME" file inside the zip folder fo a usage description.