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BSGLMM - Bayesian Spatial Generalised Linear Mixed Model

Please direct any questions about this work to Tian Ge & Tim Johnson & Tom Nichols.

  • Manuscript:
    Tian Ge, Nicole Müller-Lenke, Kerstin Bendfeldt, Thomas E. Nichols, & Timothy D. Johnson. "Analysis Of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Via Spatially Varying Coefficients". Ann. Appl. Stat. 2014;8(2):1095–1118.
    (PDF) PDF | Pre Print | (PDF) Supplementary Material
  • Software - Download:
    Source code (Last updated: 26 Jan 2015) - Beta release!
    Installation instructions and how to use the software can be found in the user guide.

    Please be sure to report any problems or questions to Tian Ge & Tim Johnson & Tom Nichols.