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Subject: FDR & large fixed effects analyses
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 11:30:50 -0400
From: "Thomas E. Nichols" <>


If you have tried to use FDR with large fixed effects analyses and 
had trouble with SPM/matlab hanging, please read this.

It appears that a core Matlab 5 function, betainc, has trouble with large
vectors in certain situations.  In particular, to create a p-value from a
T statistic, spm_Tcdf calls betainc; when the degrees of freedom of the T
are very large, and a large vector of T values has been submitted betainc,
the function fails to converge.  Since there is no max-iteration check,
the function basically falls into an infinite loop.

However, Matlab 6 does not have this problem, seemingly due to
a single line change to betainc, or, precisely, to a function that
betainc calls, betacore.m.  Line 25 of betacore.m in ML5 reads

	while any(abs(y(:)-yold(:)) > 4*eps*abs(y(:)))

while line 25 of betacore.m in ML6 reads

	while any(abs(y(:)-yold(:)) > 10*eps*abs(y(:)))

Apparently, the convergence criterion of 4*eps is too strict, and
just increasing to 10*eps fixes the problem.

This problem has never been exposed before because SPM only determines
p-values for a few voxels at a time, and doesn't usually convert a
whole image of T's into p's.

In conclusion:

If you are running Matlab 5 and have a problem with FDR hanging with
large df analyses, you probably need to modify betacore.m to match
it's ML6 version.

While Matlab is hung, hit control-C and see if the problem is in the
function betacore.  If it is, Matlab will tell you the exact path to
betacore.m; copy this file to some common matlab directory, and make
the above change (change 4 to 10).  You then should be all set.


PS: Thanks for Matthew Brett for finding this problem.

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