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SnPM distributions

Download current version: SnPM13

Quick link! Download is available on Registration page

The software is available for download, but we ask you to first complete a brief registration form prior to downloading. Having completed the form, you will receive an email with a URL for SnPM13 (and previous versions). You should also periodically check the SnPM13 updates, and replace older files shipped in the standard distribution.


SnPM is being made freely available to the functional Neuroimaging community in the same spirit as SPM. As with SPM, SnPM may be considered academic shareware. It is supplied as is, and no formal support or maintenance is provided or implied.

Please email the authors snpm-support at with SnPM issues and idiosyncrasies, but also please CC the SPM email discussion list, at <> so other SPM users can learn from the questions.

SnPM13: Updates

Updated versions of appropriate SnPM functions are available from the snpm13_updates page. A README file provided with the updates describes the bugs that have been reported, along with the appropriate fixes.


The SnPM toolbox is a small suite of MatLab functions and M-files that integrate with SPM routines. Thus, to use SnPM13 you must have installed SPM8 or SPM12b, to use SnPM8 you must have installed SPM8, to use SnPM5 you must have already installed SPM5, and to use SnPM3 you must have already installed SPM2. See the SPM distribution page for SPM hardware & software requirements, downloading & installation instructions, and conditions of distribution. You should be familiar with SPM before using SnPM.

For step by step instructions on downloading and installing SPM distributions, refer to the SPM distribution page.

Previous versions

Download current and previous versions at the Registration page


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