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Module and Pack Manufacturing Pilot Line

Our pilot line, part of the Energy Innovation Centre, supports the manufacture of high quality pre-production prototype battery modules and packs, based on cylindrical cell formats. Following the completion of the AMPLiFII project, it will become an open access facility for R&D and skills development with industry to allow creation of robust and flexible manufacturing processes across supply chains.

The pilot line has been developed to operate at industry 4.0 standards. Key objectives are ensuring in-line quality verification, a no-faults-forward policy and a fully flexibly, integrated approach.

Key aspects of the pilot line:
  • Includes a blend of manual and automated stations - from bench top assembly and test through to full automation
  • Incorporates best practice into manufacturing processes
  • Traceability incorporated through the build to the Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Incorporates In-Process and End-of-Line testing procedures
  • Integrated product and process development for low production volumes
  • Involvement of disassembly for second life and recycling considerations

The pilot line will be open for collaboration on new projects from October 2017.


AMPLiFII (Automated Module to pack Pilot Line for Industrial Innovation), is a two year Innovate UK funded project which aims to create sustainable supply and manufacture of battery packs for hybrid and electric vehicles in the UK.

The project aims to design a flexible, modular battery architecture, developed for both high power and high energy requirements. This will allow supply chain partners to combine demand from multiple lower volume markets to create economies of scale.

The pilot line at WMG has been developed as part of the AMPLiFII project in order to test manufacturing processes, demonstrated at automotive production rates and quality.

Module and Pack Manufacture

Module and Pack build

Module and Pack Build

For more information:
Richard Seager
R dot Seager at warwick dot ac dot uk