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SME Support

SME Support

Making your SME more productive and profitable — come and find out how


Are you a UK-based SME manufacturer feeling overwhelmed, stuck in reactive mode, or lacking the necessary internal expertise?

Let WMG's team of dedicated experts help get you towards your business goals and aspirations

WMG exist to help your business succeed.

We specialise in:

- Business Transformation

- Digital Manufacturing

- Navigating Net Zero

- Materials and Manufacturing Expertise

If you're a manufacturing SME in the West Midlands, we want to work with you.


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SMEs are vital for the UK's economy, driving innovation, job creation, and regional growth.

Our specialized team supports SME manufacturers in the West Midlands. Whether you produce components, paint, plastics, or anything else in the UK, our experts are here to be the additional resource you need.


We offer comprehensive support for SMEs, including financial backing, networking, research capabilities, net zero cohorts or 1:1 personal assistance. Our holistic framework aims to catalyse growth, foster innovation, and enhance resilience for these vital contributors to our economy.


Get in touch via or fill in our SME Enquiry Form and a member of our team will be in touch asap to discuss next steps.

Key Capabilities

Our key capabilities for SMEs in the UK are centred around:Business transformation, Digital manufacturing, Navigating net zero, Materials and manufacturing expertise. We excel in guiding businesses through transformative processes, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our proficiency in digital manufacturing optimises operational efficiency, while our in-depth knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes elevates product quality. With a commitment to UK SMEs, we provide essential tools for growth and innovation, positioning them for sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Business Transformation

Maximising the potential of people and processes to foster innovation and growth

Non-contact commerce

Productivity improvement

Waste and variation reduction

People development

Strategic planning

Digital Manufacturing

The right information, the right place at the right time!

Monitoring and sensing tech


Automation and robotics

Data analytics

Software systems

Electronics design

Materials and Manufacturing

Optimising what you use and how you use it, to maximise efficiency and minimise waste.

Design support

Multi-Material Manufacture

Additive layer Manufacture

Sustainable Materials

End of life recycling and reuse

JCM Fine Joinery Ltd

Nat Macaulay- Managing Director

“The SME team at WMG are from a very well-established academic institution but they are incredibly commercial about the advice that they give, which is second to none in my experience across the West Midlands."

Woodhall Products Ltd
Ian Heaford- Owner and Director

“We were really happy with the work WMG did for us. We have already secured two new customers for scanning work and the process now takes a fraction of the time it did previously. It has opened up a lot of new opportunities for us."

Mark Nunan- Director

"Circular manufacturing is an essential step in the journey to Net Zero and the work carried out by WMG was the first step in what has become the primary focus of Sarginsons’ strategy: to be the first foundry in the world to have a totally circular supply chain.”

SME Toolkit.

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