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For Industry

For Industry

Working with industry to drive innovation.

About us

WMG is a globally renowned research organisation with internationally recognised expertise and facilities.

We are both an academic department of the University of Warwick, and one of the UK's High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult centres. WMG is a leading international role model for successful collaboration between academia and the public and private sectors, accelerating and de-risking innovation for industry, driving cutting edge R&D to develop the brightest ideas and talent to shape our future.

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From Aerospace to Agritech, WMG works to support, advise and collaborate with industrial partners across different sectors and across the supply chain.

We provide companies of all sizes with tailored support, from micro and SME sized companies through to large OEMs.


WMG is a specialist in bridging the gap between TRL4 and TRL7, with over 90% of our research rated as World Leading or Internationally Excellent.

Our capabilities span 20 research groups and 10 dedicated state of the art buildings. Read more about our capabilities.


You are able to engage with us through collaborative bids, contract research, traditional and industrial skills programs, and with our specialist SME and KTP teams.

Contact us to explore the best option for your organisation.

JCM Fine Joinery Ltd

Nat Macaulay- Managing Director

“The SME team at WMG are from a very well-established academic institution but they are incredibly commercial about the advice that they give, which is second to none in my experience across the West Midlands."

Woodhall Products Ltd
Ian Heaford- Owner and Director

“We were really happy with the work WMG did for us. We have already secured two new customers for scanning work and the process now takes a fraction of the time it did previously. It has opened up a lot of new opportunities for us."

Mark Nunan- Director

"Circular manufacturing is an essential step in the journey to Net Zero and the work carried out by WMG was the first step in what has become the primary focus of Sarginsons’ strategy: to be the first foundry in the world to have a totally circular supply chain.”

Dyrr Ardash

Business Development Director

Energy Innovation Centre, 4th Floor

Alison Meir

Head of Business Development Research

International Manufacturing Centre, 4th Floor

Mona Jesri

Business Development Manager

International Manufacturing Centre, 4th Floor

Alicia Feledziak

Business Development Manager

International Manufacturing Centre, 4th Floor

Mark Barnett

Business Development Manager

International Manufacturing Centre, 4th Floor

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