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High Value Manufacturing Catapult

WMG Centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult

WMG centre High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult works with companies to boost the UK’s manufacturing performance and sustainability

WMG is one of seven High Value Manufacturing Catapult's in the UK. The Catapult Network was founded to help UK manufacturers benefit from innovative research helping them gain a competitive edge on the global stage.

We work with companies of all sizes to help them develop differentiated products and processes for growing UK and export markets. With a strong focus on improving sustainability and accelerating the drive to Net Zero.

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Our Capabilities

Leading the electrification agenda

Technology development covers the entire battery life cycle from raw materials through to recycling, working at an industrial scale. As well as significant capability in power electronics, machines, and drives, motors, charging, and safety.

Developing connected and autonomous vehicles and systems

Developing autonomous and connected systems across the transport and manufacturing sectors, providing last-mile solutions, and building UK supply chains.

Helping small businesses to make more in the UK

Helping small businesses increase productivity, take new products to market, de-risk and accelerate innovation, gain new skills, and deliver strategic business change. With expertise in sustainable manufacturing, electrification supply chain, and digital technologies.

Providing skills

The WMG Skills Centre provides expert-led, flexible, and cutting-edge short courses with a mission to give people the right skills today to thrive in tomorrow’s competitive world, whether they are in an established company or a start-up.