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Electric Vehicle Battery Builder

Title :

Electric vehicle battery builder

Location : On campus or in school
Led by :
Rohin Titmarsh, WMG Format : Workshop
Duration : 1 hour (flexible) Suitable for: class size of 30 or a year group

Aims and description :

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more important in today’s world, and the UK is quickly developing it’s supply chain to become a world leader. Part of this supply chain is the manufacture of the battery packs powering these vehicles. In this workshop, students will learn about automation in manufacturing, specifically for battery packs, and design their own robot to make EV batteries in a Scrapheap Challenge style activity using common items in household recycling.

Resources required:

If running in your school - arts and crafts materials will be required (scissors, sellotape, glue, string, colouring pencils and A3/A1 paper). Spare cardboard and/or plastic would be beneficial, but WMG can provide this.

If running for a year group, 4-6 teachers will be required to support from the school, WMG will bring 4 volunteers.

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