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WMG Engineering In Schools

WMG Engineering in Schools sessions

WMG Outreach are offering two opportunities to raise awareness of engineering.

a picture of a robot arm moving plates of composite materials

Workshop: Insight into Engineering

Age: Suitable for years 7 or 8

Location: Classroom or a hall

Duration: 1 hour

When a new building is planned, it’s engineers that translate the architectural design into something that can be built. Its essential that they all work as a team. This workshop gives an insight into how interdisciplinary teams can work together.

• Structural engineers work on external and internal building structures

• Material engineers look at what the building is made of

• Electrical engineers plan how power is distributed around the building,

• Environmental engineers ensure building users have access to fresh water and disposal of waste water.

Presentation - Engineering at University

Age: Suitable for years 7 to 12

Location: Classroom or a hall

Duration: up to 1 hour (flexible)

We can also give presentations to your students about Engineering at University, and the opportunities at Warwick University. Whether through an apprenticeship, a degree course, or both at the same time with a degree apprenticeship, engineering has an option for everyone. This session will look into the engineering teaching that is on offer and the projects that engineers make possible.

We cover:

  • The skills engineers need
  • The range of roles available
  • The types of courses WMG offers
  • Exciting projects our engineers work on.
  • Bursary opportunities available through the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Lord Bhattacharrya Engineering Education Programme
  • Bursary opportunities available from the Royal Academy of Engineering.