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Insight Into Engineering

Insight into Engineering

Title: Insight into Engineering Location: In school
Led by: Professor Margaret Low, WMG Format: Workshop
Duration: 1 hour Suitable for:

Class size of 30,

or a whole year group.

Upper key stage 2

Aims and description :

When a new building is planned, it’s engineers that translate the architectural design into something that can be built. Its essential that they all work as a team. This workshop gives an insight into how interdisciplinary teams can work together.

• Structural engineers work on external and internal building structures.

• Material engineers look at what the building is made of.

• Electrical engineers plan how power is distributed around the building

• Environmental engineers ensure building users have access to fresh water and disposal of waste water.

Students will learn team work, communication, and design. They will explore conductors and insulators, building circuits, LEDs, and strength of materials and shapes.

Resources required:

A classroom for the class group or a hall for the year group. Enough tables to split the group into teams of six.

Data projector

Class teacher present throughout the day

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