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Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Programmable Technology

Title: Smart Cities Location: In school
Led by: Phil Jemmett Format: Talk
Duration: 1 hour Suitable for:

Class size of 30

Year 10

Aims and description:

This session aims to use code and programmable equipment to build a smart city. There is a challenge-based approach with students choosing which challenge they would like to tackle. Certain challenges can interact with each other, so require a group approach in the classroom. The equipment is all controlled by microbit which runs through USB - this must not be blocked on school laptops for the activity to work.

  • Use code to solve challenges
  • Explore the skills needed for engineers
  • Use the make-evaluate-improve cycle to create the best solution
  • Work in groups
  • Communicate between different groups to bring a whole project together

Resources required:

Phil can adapt to most environments. Room to move and set up demonstrations is desirable.

  • Data projector
  • Tables for students to work in groups
  • Computers or laptops with USB enabled
  • Class teacher present throughout the day

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