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Understanding Supply Chains

Title :

Understanding supply chains

Location : On campus or in school
Led by :

Ian Evans, WMG


A single workshop (running x3 games simultaneously – games supplied by WMG) that can be repeated several times

Duration : 3 hours (flexible) Suitable for: age 9 + and group size minimum of 12, maximum of 24 (needs 3 additional helpers acting as neutral bankers)

Aims and description :

Touching aspects of our daily lives, the philosophies and key fundamentals of Supply Chain Management are everywhere. During the masterclass, such philosophies and key fundamentals will be explored as the educational board game, called Business on the Move, challenges each player (i.e. the student) to run their own Supply Chain and Logistics business that must respond (i.e. supply) to various customer orders (i.e. demand), moving consumer goods across the globe (i.e. international trade; export and import) via combinations of air, sea, rail and road (i.e. multimodal) as quickly, as profitably and as responsibly as they can.

Resources required:

To run this workshop in schools, each game requires (a) table(s) large enough for the (A1 size) game board and adequate working space around it for the players and the Banker (the banker will require an additional table for resources). A power point facility and screen will also be required as the use of PowerPoint and series of 4 video clips and Newsflashes designed to introduce and facilitate multiple games being played at the same time, and in the same room

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