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Teacher CPD: Turtlestitch

Title :

Teacher CPD: an introduction to programming for control of embroidery machines

Location : University of Warwick
Led by :
Helen Luckhurst and Margaret Low, WMG Format : Teacher community event and workshop
Duration : 2 hour event Suitable for: Teachers

Join us at the Computing at School Primary Community meeting on Tuesday 15th October at 4:30pm. This community meeting will begin with a news update for primary and secondary teachers. Then, primary teachers will be introduced to Scratch and useful resources, followed by a workshop on Turtlestitch.

Turtlestitch is a free, easy-to-use platform for writing programs to control embroidery machines. In this workshop, you will learn to write programs that instruct an embroidery machine to stitch a pattern of your own design onto fabric. We will discuss how this can be used in school, giving children an opportunity to use programming for creative purposes.

To register your interest please fill in this form or visit the Computing At School website.




Registration and Refreshments


CAS and NCCE news update.


Introduction to Scratch & useful resources for teachers - Linda Edge


Introducing Turtlestitch: Code, Draw, Stitch! - Helen Luckhurst & Margaret Low


Meeting ends