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Lesson Plans

WMG Outreach - Lesson Plans

The cutting-edge of technology belongs in the classroom. The research we do at universities should not be kept hidden and secret in underground labs! After all - scientists and engineers are doing all this research to benefit the public and make society a better place. By including school students in the conversations about 'what should we research?'' and 'what should our future look like?'' we can inspire the generation who will actually turn these concepts into real products, design them, and use them in the future.

Here are three lesson plans based around videos with activities for you to use for free.

Sustainable Materials

a picture of molten steel being poured into a mould

Learning Objectives:
  • Know 4 categories of solid materials
    • Polymer, ceramic, metal and composite
    • Understand the properties of those categories of materials
    • Be aware of sustainability when thinking about what material a product should be made of
    • Know the three ‘R’s of recycling
      • Reduce, reuse, recycle
    Suitable for Year 8/9/10

    Batteries: The secret to a green future?

    a lot of batteries

    Learning Objectives:
    • I can name the main components of a battery – the anode, cathode and electrolyte
    • I understand that chemical reactions can produce electricity
    • I know that lithium is a reactive element that is commonly used in battery materials
    • I can see how batteries can help support a ‘green’ future
    Suitable for Year 9/10/11

    Innovation: How Do Engineers Solve Global Challenges?

    two people in protective suits using equipment

    Learning Objectives:
    • Understand how products are taken from the ‘design’ phase through to real products
    • See how engineers are using innovation to fight global challenges
    • Practise pitching an idea of your own to help make the world a better place
    Suitable for Year 9-10