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Warwick Electrification Development

Warwick Electrification Development Project (WELD)

Over the next decade, the automotive sector in the UK faces a significant skills shortage brought about by an ageing workforce.

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A skills gap has emerged in the Power Electronics Machines and Drives (PEMD) sector as we look to the electrification of everything, this diversity, and a great deal more capacity is essential. Inclusion and widening participation are fundamental, targeting both industry (short term) and schools (long term)

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WELD: Warwick ELectrification Deployment

The WELD programme will provide immediate and long-term training demanded by UK industry.

chart showing the requirement for skilled engineers and technicians on the Y Axis and on the X Axis dates from 2020 to 2050

This work was funded by Driving the Electric Revolution, an ICSF Challenged delivered by UK Research and Innovation. Project Number: 10033186

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How can universities (like Warwick) can help with this?

Article published in the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community (TEC) eNewsletter.


The WELD Outreach team is engaging with the STEM Connections project.

We aim to showcase our demonstrators as part of the Schools Roadshow and Showcase Outreach Event at the Coventry Transport Museum