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Drug Design

Drug Design - Dr Alex Baker

Meet the Academic

What advice would you give to a young people aspiring to get into a STEM Career?

“Set clear targets of what you want and don't stop chasing those goals till you achieve them. ”

To learn more about Alex and his journey:

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Bringing Science to Life

How are medicines designed?

When we as scientists first make medicines, we first select a target (often a protein) we want our medicine to work on. Then, we start to look at chemicals that naturally attract that protein target and where they attract to. By making chemicals that look similar to natural chemicals we can also attract to our target protein's active site. We can then test and tune our molecules to make a medicine that is effective and safe. 

Alex Baker

Resources to download:

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Bringing Science to Life resources were created by interns: Seorin Park and Laura Lotkowska.

To explore this concept further: 

  • Where can you find these compounds? (e.g. medicine) 
  • How can you make the model of the molecules stronger?