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Work Experience

Work Experience

Inspiring young engineers through innovative approaches

Please note that these pages are for information only and bookings cannot be made. Our work prioritises widening participation in STEM subjects and in Higher Education. Warwick's widening participation agenda targets local state school educated students, students who would be the first in their family to attend university, students from low socio-economic backgrounds and students who come from neighbourhoods where there is low progression to higher education. The events have recruitment plans and strategies in place and schools and students will be contacted through them.

Experience Engineering with Group Projects

WMG Outreach Team and University of Warwick Widening Participation Team

Following the inspiring model of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, the WMG Outreach team have been working on a week-long project-based approach to work experience. Students in year 10 work on a project for the whole week as a group and produce a final demonstration to present at a showcase. Each project links directly to an area of active research within WMG, and each area will have an impact on society in the future.

Details of our approach to group project-based work experience.

Coverage: University of Warwick Press Release

Two people are looking at a vehicle made of LEGO and smiling. They are discussing how the vehicle has been designed.

Developing an Employability Programme at WMG

Dr Craig Carnegie, WMG

Addressing social mobility issues in STEM through the development of WMG’s Research Culture and contribution to the wider University of Warwick Community

This project will set foundations and a team in place to develop an employability hosting programme at WMG that can be implemented on demand and form a model for other departments, aimed at young people within our local community, to inspire future applications, improving access to and participation in research.

Details of Craig's approach to creating work experience opportunities.

One person is looking down a microscope while two others discuss a sample of a material that we can't see. They are all wearing protective white coats and are inside a laboratory setting.