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Micromobility UK Event 2022

Micromobility 2022

-- Micromobility UK Event 2022 --

After the success of our inaugural conference last year, WMG are pleased to invite you to join us for Micromobility UK 2022!

The UK’s only live, dedicated micromobility event will be opened in 2022 by Minister Trudy Harrison, Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport.

You will hear the latest data from industry and technology experts, listen to panel discussions, and have the chance to trial some of the latest micromobility solutions on our real world 1km trial route.

There will be opportunities for exhibitors to showcase their micromobility solutions and for networking at the event, located at the University of Warwick’s dedicated conference facility, The Slate.

This year’s conference will cover the full breadth of micromobility technology, but also start considering the wider implications of micromobility including the policy landscape, the user and the supply chain and business model.



  • Manufacturers in the micromobility sector, or those who are seeking to move into the micromobility sector
  • Micromobility scheme operators
  • Regional transport authorities
  • Finance representatives
  • City councils and local authorities
  • Government agencies
  • Research organisations and more



  • Inspiring presentations
  • Interactive discussions
  • Trialling areas
  • Live demonstrations
  • Exhibition stands
  • Networking opportunities


This conference is free to attend


Minister Trudy Harrison


Professor David Greenwood


John Fox

Minister Trudy Harrison

Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport

Trudy Harrison was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport (DfT) on 17 September 2021. She was elected Conservative MP for Copeland in 2017.


 Professor David Greenwood

CEO, WMG High Value Manufacturing Catapult, and Director for Industrial Engagement, WMG




John Fox

John is Programme Director for Micromobility at WMG, working to accelerate a positive transition to net zero transportation which also benefits UK businesses. John works between industry, Government, transport authorities and academia to answer critical research questions and support real-world trials of products and services. Previously John worked in the aerospace industry during a decade with Rolls-Royce as a Chartered Engineer, and the energy industry leading a practice specialising in new business model innovation with UK SMEs. Despite a love of classic cars, John is a keen cyclist and believes the right investment in Micromobility infrastructure will liberate communities to enjoy the transition to net zero, at a lower cost and impact to themselves and environment.

Emily Cherry

Emily Cherry is the Chief Executive of the Bikeability Trust, who’s mission is to get more people cycling, more safely and more often, through Bikeability training; a high-quality cycle training programme for children in schools, funded by the Department for Transport. Bikeability has trained 3.6 million children in England, and is on a mission to reach 5 million children by 2025. Emily has spent over 25 years in the children’s sector, largely at the NSPCC, but also at the Children’s Society and Barnardo’s. She has experience of running safeguarding services, policy, comms and a well-known media voice on children especially in the field of online safety. She has worked in practice in Young Offenders Institute, New Traveller sites and with children in care. She is also strategic advisor to the United Nations Peace One Day campaign, Trustee of My Black Dog (peer to peer mental health charity) Chair of the Breck Foundation (online safety education). Emily lives in Cambridge with her primary teaching husband and two children.

Georgia Yexley

General Manager UKI - TIER 🛴 🚲 Trustee Board Member - CoMo UK

Now in her second Micro-mobility company with Unicorn status, Georgia has worked in partnership with hundreds of cities across the globe, to reach their active and sustainable transport goals through micro-mobility. A firm believer that collaboration and partnership underpin sustainable services, Georgia now heads up TIER’s business and partnership with Cities across the UK & Ireland.
Georgia is a passionate advocate for inclusion and accessibility, and contributes to raising the volume of women and underrepresented groups in tech & mobility both in and outside of the workplace

Dr Kay Inckle

Campaigns & Policy Manager

Wheels for Wellbeing

Dr Kay Inckle is campaigns and policy manager for Wheels for Wellbeing, a disabled people’s cycling organisation who campaign for and provide access to cycling through an ethos of mobility justice. Her background is in social science with research interests in intersectional and social justice aspects of mental health and disability. She has published widely in these fields including research with disabled cyclists (Inckle 2020; 2019). She is also a handcyclist, swimmer, Pilates instructor, writer, environmentalist and vegan.

Philip Ellis

CEO and Co-Founder


Philip has grown Beryl as Co-Founder, leading the company to be the UKs largest micromobility company.

Philip has built up a significant depth of industry knowledge, leading the development and delivery of technology and safety projects for the global bike sharing and micro-mobility industry since 2014, including the delivery of innovations to TfL, the Citibike system in New York, the Bixi Montreal system and now mobilising Greater Manchester cycle hire scheme

As CEO of Beryl, Philip is a recognised leader within the UK’s broader technology sector and has participated in UK Government tech programmes such as Upscale at Tech City UK and London Stock Exchange Elite Programme. Under Philip’s leadership, the Beryl Bike Share business launched with a commitment to delivering shared bike/e-bike and micro-mobility systems in partnership with local authorities, at a time when much of the industry was focused on rapid deployments and limited control.


Scott Thompson

Programme Director

Niche Vehicle Network (NVN)

Scott Thompson is the Programme Director for the Niche Vehicle Network (NVN), responsible for the planning, running and delivery of their grant-funded R&D competitions, as well as strategic direction. During the past 4 years funding has been provided through NVN to support the development of e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, e-scooters and micro-mobility specific charging solutions – to both established brands as well as start-up businesses.

In addition to the NVN, Scott has worked as an independent consultant for the past 7 years, supporting the development and marketing of various vehicles, products & services for a number of niche OEMs, engineering and manufacturing companies – including the role of Project Manager for the US-based ‘restomod’ company Singer Vehicle Design on their ‘DLS’ supercar programme, working with a multi-national team of specialist suppliers and engineering partners. Prior to this, Scott spent 15 years working for Lotus Engineering, Lotus Cars and Caterham Technology & Innovation, where he was responsible for the management of various client accounts across the UK, Europe, Japan & North America, as well as the successful creation of collaborative R&D consortiums with other UK OEMs and technology providers.

Richard Adey



Richard has 40 years experience in both startups and major corporations, including GM, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and at the Tesla Gigafactory. With extensive experience in e-vehicle development, he co-founded Taur in London in 2019 with an eye to designing the world's first electric scooter people aspire to own. He has also worked for private equity as an Exec-Chairman.

Paul Tomlinson,

Cycling and E-Mobility Director


Paul is passionate about embracing the electric future and the opportunities this creates for people to introduce micromobility into their way of life and switch out of more polluting forms of transport.

He also believes there are significant opportunities for high skilled jobs as a result of the electric revolution. Paul has led the UK’s largest cycling business for the last three years and has introduced second hand bikes to help reduce environmental impacts and make cycling more accessible, and the UK’s largest free electric bike test ride scheme to help more people make the switch.

jamie snudden headshot

Jamie Snudden

Business Development Manager


Passionate about sustainability and new transport technologies, Jamie is helping to leverage lightweight composite materials with localised supply chains to help create high performing, more sustainable micromobility solutions. Working at Airborne, Jamie has held roles spanning design, materials and process engineering and programme management and is now business development manager looking after emerging transport markets globally. Prior to Airborne, Jamie undertook a PhD at Bristol University developing a novel approach to recycling composite materials.

Oscar Morgan


bo mobility

bo was founded in 2019 by Formula One Advanced Engineering and Automotive designers to prove that zero emission can be the best way to travel. bo exists to create the first urban electric vehicles that fully empower people to transition out from their cars.

The company has received the most innovation funding of any UK micromobility start-up and will be unveiling launch product bo M at Micromobility Amsterdam and WMG Micromobility UK.

David Hibbs

Cycle Rail Manager


Matthew Pencharz

Head of Public Policy for UK, Ireland and the Netherlands for Voi Technology

Voi is Europe’s largest shared micromobility operator, with schemes in 17 towns and cities in the UK.
Previously Matthew served as Deputy Mayor of London for Environment & Energy under Boris Johnson, where he led the Greater London Authority’s environment, energy and sustainability work. Matthew has also consulted to companies delivering solutions to the environmental issues he faced while Deputy Mayor


  • As this is a micromobility event, we are encouraging all delegates to take public transport where possible. Full details on how to access the campus by bike, bus, coach, and rail are available here: Travel Directions to the University of Warwick.
  • As part of the University of Warwick's transport and mobility strategy, in partnership with Transport for West Midlands, we have launched an exciting new service called the 'West Midlands Bus on Demand'.
    • West Midlands Bus On Demand is a Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service that meets you wherever you are. Think of it as a cross between a taxi and a bus. You can book a ride in the West Midlands On Demand app by inserting a pick-up and drop-off location. You’ll then be matched with other passengers heading in the same direction. You can book rides when you're ready to go, or pre-book rides days in advance. Find out more about how to use this service.
  • We have a limited number of reserved parking spaces available on campus, these can be booked in advance but will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please indicate on your registration form whether you need parking or not.



We have reserved a limited number of rooms for the event onsite at Radcliffe bed and breakfastLink opens in a new window for the night of the 8th June 2022. Please contact Radcliffe directly to book, saying you are attending the Micromobility UK conference.



If your business would like to have a stand, demonstrate or trial a vehicle, please email:

Sophia Gibbs: , indicating how your business would like to participate in the conference

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