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Amar Gohil

Amar Gohil

Graduate Engineer, Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Amar Gohil, Graduate Engineer, Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.What attracted you to the Scheme?

The idea of working on cutting edge research whilst still being able to work with industry was unique. It would mean that I would be learning massive amounts whilst working on things you normally don’t get the chance to elsewhere.

A typical day as a Graduate Engineer

My current day to day is very hands on, I’ll be physically working on something pretty much every day, whether it’s integrating sensors, making cables, testing systems or wiring up a power circuit. Before Covid, I would also be getting involved in outreach and STEM activities.

What projects have you worked on?

A real variety of projects that have expanded my knowledge in a range of areas including;

  • GPS and 4G Emulation within the 3xD simulator.
  • Drive-by-wire evaluation and testing
  • Closed-Loop speed control of miniature autonomous vehicles.
  • UI development for AV demonstration
  • Exploration of CARLA and weather parameterisation
  • Mobile Roadside Unit and Catapult Vehicle Development and Testing

Why should someone apply?

Working at WMG really allows you to develop and grow. You are able to get involved in loads of different projects and can pick something that you may be interested in and explore further. The best thing is that WMG allows you to get involved in aspects of work that are outside your job description, the focus here really is developing you to your full capacity.

What are the best parts of the scheme?

The ability to learn from the people around you, everyone is so friendly and always happy to help bridge any gaps in knowledge you may have. Having the other grads for the social aspect made starting a new job a lot less daunting and lots of fun.