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Felix Martin

Felix Martin

Graduate Engineer, Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Felix Martin, Graduate Engineer, Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.What attracted you to the scheme?

I had picked up some experience working with WMG during my degree at Warwick and I got the impression of a really open and positive working environment. Also, after finishing my degree I wasn’t really sure what career I really wanted to go into. Research in the automotive industry really interested me, the scheme seemed like a great opportunity to get start working in this field without having to commit myself to something specific from the start.

A typical day as a Graduate Engineer

I’ve been working from home due to COVID-19 since March so my typical day has changed a bit, although I personally quite enjoy the new working arrangement. I usually start the day by reading and replying to emails. I also tend to do basic admin things and smaller tasks in the mornings. After I’ve finished this I start working on my main project and then often have meetings with my project supervisor or project stakeholders in the afternoon. Working from home and at WMG in general I’ve found it to be a really positive, flexible working environment.

What projects have you worked on so far?

My first project was based around developing a report on the cyber security of the communication links of slow moving autonomous vehicles. Secondly I worked with the CAV facilities team on developing a rolling road for the vehicle simulator. My third project was a project management placement and my fourth placement was to do with modelling of a power electronics system. For my current placement I am working with some senior stakeholders in the department relating to our positioning in regards to the COP26 UN climate change conference that is taking place in Glasgow next year.

Why should someone apply?

  1. WMG has a great working environment
  2. There’s a huge range of different project opportunities in different fields
  3. There are great training opportunities that are possible as part of the scheme because WMG is an academic department of the UoW

What are the best parts of the Scheme?

My favourite aspect of the scheme are the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve built on the way. I’ve also got more of an idea of what I want to do with my career – which is a nice bonus.