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Harry Boyce

Harry Boyce

Graduate Engineer, Automation Systems

Harry Boyce, Graduate Engineer, Automation Systems.What attracted you to the scheme?

Having previously attended Warwick University to study engineering my experiences with WMG during my Masters project encouraged me to apply. I knew that the culture of WMG was supportive and friendly, and that the range of opportunities for research was wide and varied. In particular I was impressed by the facilities offered by the newly built NAIC building.

A typical day as a Graduate Engineer

The focus of my day is my current project, this will usually involve working closely with my supervisor towards a common goal. If my project has a heavy practical focus then I can carry out work in the IMC workshop, if the project is programming based then I can work in the Automation Systems Group office. At lunchtime I have the opportunity to meet with the other graduates in one of the communal cafeterias, this is a great time to discuss other people’s projects and share experiences.

What projects have you worked on so far?

My first project was working on designing the control system for a Pick-and-Place robot programming a Raspberry Pi and interface with the rest of the system over a MODBUS Ethernet connection. My other projects have included development of a Goods-to-Person system, designing a Digital Twin and developing a maintenance web application. My current project is focused on the design of an Agricultural Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV) and I have had the opportunity to directly communicate with the client company.

Why should someone apply?

The WMG graduate scheme is ideal for anyone who is keen to both develop their technical and personal skills. You have the flexibility to choose the direction for your projects and learn from an experienced supervisor. In my opinion the scheme is a great stepping stone into research and industry from University.

What are the best parts of the scheme?

The strongest aspect of the scheme is the focus on development for the graduate. The Project Management module in the first year is a great example of this, this provides a certification in Project Management from the APM and provided me with many useful skills I could apply to my projects.