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Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson

Graduate Engineer - Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Jonathan Robinson, Graduate Engineer, Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

What attracted you to the scheme?

I wanted to join WMG through the graduate scheme as a route into the world of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles innovation and research. The graduate scheme narrows the gap between Undergraduate or Postgraduate qualifications and engineer or research project work at a University.

A typical day as a Graduate Engineer:

Often a project will start with research into the project to build an appropriate background of the area. This enables individual thought to be possible which allows you to begin to find inventive solutions. Next may be design and proof of concept possibly followed by development and testing. If it doesn't work, we try something else. All the while having meetings with the team to discuss ideas and progress. This is just an example, as each project is different meaning you can select projects that suit you.

What projects have you worked on so far?

Projects I have worked on include development of a rain model for simulated LiDAR model for the 3xD simulator, design and development of Human Machine Interfaces to mitigate motion sickness, modelling of a OPA LiDAR chip and a software development related project. Now I am working within the Human Factors team and working on radar modelling within simulation.

Why should someone apply?

The graduate scheme at WMG is a great place to start your career and develop your competencies. There is a focus on personal developments to allow you to apply knowledge in a technical environment whilst developing your non-technical such that you become a well-rounded engineer. You can build relationships with people from all levels of the department, leaving you well connected for when you finish the scheme.

What are the best parts of the scheme?

The working culture at WMG is brilliant! You are given autonomy to provide input into the work you complete and some flexibility in your working arrangement. Also being one of a group of Graduates, you can make friends easily to build a social life beyond work.