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Jordan Tabbett

Jordan Tabbett

Graduate Engineer, Automation Systems

Jordan Tabbett, Graduate Engineer, Automation Systems.What attracted you to the Scheme? 

I wanted to work in a place where I felt I could have a positive impact on the world, in an exciting role and have the opportunity to extend my knowledge. Working at WMG has allowed me to fulfil all of these goals. The work done at WMG sounded interesting and the chance to get a PgCert in a subject different to my degree was highly attractive.

A typical day as a Graduate Engineer

We have team meetings about the current state of the project we’re working on, where you explain and demonstrate the work you’ve completed. Learning about new software or concepts, designing a program or CAD model & implementing previous work. You also have to liaise with colleagues within your team as well as other departments and technicians

What projects have you worked on?

  • An Automated Storage/ Retrieval system – an automatic warehouse, capable of smartly delivering parts to operators on the production line, as they are needed
  • A safety system, using off-the shelf components, that is able to distinguish between machines and humans and Emergency Stop any machine that is putting a person in danger due to proximity.
  • Learning a software that simulates logistical operations & assessing Internet of Things platforms for the purpose of developing an in-house platform.

Why should someone apply?

WMG is an interesting and very friendly workplace, where you will always feel engaged. It gives you a chance to see cutting edge research in an interesting, growing and future proofed market sector.

What are the best parts of the scheme?

The learning modules are a good opportunity, having a personal development plan with regular meetings and clear goals is extremely useful. The scheme also has a fantastic social element! The work itself is interesting, varied and you get the opportunity to work with friendly and expert people.