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Josh Wallis

Josh Wallis

Graduate Engineer, Energy Innovation

Josh Wallis, Graduate Engineer, Energy InnovationWhat attracted you to the Scheme?

Before working at WMG I studied Physics at Southampton followed by a brief stint at a small engineering firm. I am very passionate about clean tech (smart home systems and electric vehicles in particular) which is what drew me to the scheme initially. That, and the rotational nature of the placements meant I had the opportunity to try my hand in several different areas before deciding to head into a specific career path.

A typical day as a Graduate Engineer

Each project has been unique in what a typical working day looks like – a mix between hands-on lab work, computer modelling, consulting/procurement and now currently programming (which I’m looking to settle in to).

What projects have you worked on?

For my current project, I am dissecting all of the code base for my supervisor’s battery storage unit located at his house in order to understand a) how it all works and b) use this knowledge to bring it back online. This project was allocated to me after I expressed my hunger to really get into programming and it has certainly delivered on my appetite. My first few weeks were spent learning C programming from scratch and I am currently creating a control flow chart to demonstrate how the system works to my supervisor so that we can eventually work out what went wrong with it!

Should you choose to, there is real potential to take matters into your own hands with an emphasis on organising your own projects later in the scheme and quite often you have the option to incorporate your own ideas into your project when meeting with your supervisor.

What are the best parts of the Scheme?

Without sounding too cliché, all of the staff at WMG are really friendly and supportive and as graduates we regularly participate in several social events – so there’s no need to worry about settling in if you are considering relocating like I did!