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Lauren Cooper

Lauren Cooper

Graduate Engineer, Energy Innovation

Lauren Cooper, Graduate Engineer, Energy Innovation.What attracted you to the scheme?

Being from the Chemistry department here at Warwick I had seen a lot of the exciting innovation going on at WMG and was really keen to get involved. I was looking for a graduate role that allowed me to apply all of the knowledge I had learnt during my degree to something fairly new so I could continue to learn, the WMG graduate scheme is perfect for this. You have the opportunity to tailor the projects you undertake during the programme to suit your interests and expertise and there is also great opportunity to continue learning through the educational modules we take.

A typical day as a Graduate Engineer

During my different projects I have had to focus on different skill sets; I have had projects which were more internet based research where I was more responsible for organising my own time to ensure I was able to present a good report detailing my findings. Other projects which heavily relied on collaboration with experts both within WMG and industry in order to generate a set of battery targets for different industry sectors. My current work has been more focused on the design and execution of practical experiments within the laboratory.

What projects have you worked on so far?

  • Plausible electrolyte sensing methods for Lithium Ion cells, for early detection of casing fractures and leaking.
  • Li-ion safety guide
  • Establishment of new industry Targets with the Faraday Battery Challenge
  • Practical testing of different separation methods for Li-ion Recycling

Why should someone apply?

The graduate scheme gives you the opportunity to start working on projects relevant to today’s requirements and gain varying experience in different areas of developing technology. I have really valued the amount of learning I have been able to do through the graduate scheme both through my projects and the additional modules we have been able to take. You are also very well supported throughout the scheme by the Graduate Scheme Manager Louise, who has ensured we have all managed to get the most we can out of the scheme so far.

What are the best parts of the scheme?

All of my placements have been really great for me so far, I have been able to work in different areas of battery development and have been able to focus on different skills tailored to each placement. I have also really enjoyed the external opportunities I have been able to utilise so far, I have been able to assist in outreach activities and have also volunteered to help on the committee of the Coventry division of the IMechE. A final highlight has to be creating a great working relationship with my fellow graduates who I have become great friends with over the past year.