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Nuno Navega

Nuno Navega

Graduate Engineer, Automation Systems

Nuno Navega, Graduate Engineer, Automation Systems.What attracted you to the scheme?

Initially as a graduate with relative low industry experience I was prioritising my choices to graduate schemes, once I found WMG scheme I was impressed by the detailed opportunity, as it very clearly enumerated the various benefits and perks of joining, for me these were mainly the inclusion of the PM accreditation and project rotation option.

A typical day as a Graduate Engineer

I currently am assisting in managing three concurrent projects, thus my day is filled with meetings. In between these meetings I usually get to work in material to facilitate the interpretation of data to the lead engineer and product owner or any other volunteer or assigned task.

What projects have you worked on so far?

I have had the opportunity to experience 5 placements so far, these include technical roles such as for the SmartHort project which involved the design of an outdoors Autonomous Vehicle or the Integrated Manufacturing and Logistics which focused on the maintenance of a legacy loop of an assembly line. I have also have project where I had a more research focused role such as in SIMPLE were I was responsible for the market research to support the feasibility report of the project.

Why should someone apply?

For anyone with a desire to participate in the forefront of innovation while parallel working with academia and industry I could not recommend this scheme enough. It is very diverse in opportunities as the graduates get to be developed in various areas that will set them up for success.

What are the best parts of the scheme?

Aside from all the previously mentioned reasons, the WMG culture and people are the foundation for my enjoyment, as I get to work on subjects that interest me with great people that nurture an extremely positive and enjoyable working environment.