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Jet Feng

Jet Feng

Jet Feng - Graduate Development Programme - Success story

Since completing the scheme, what are you doing now?

After completing the 2-year Smart and Connected Vehicles graduate scheme in WMG, I was delighted to be offered a project engineering position within the cooperative autonomy team of the Intelligent Vehicles group. I am currently working in a range of different areas. From software development and integration of the autonomous vehicle to hardware design, build and instrumentation.

How did the graduate scheme prepare you for life as a Project Engineer?

The graduate scheme helped me tremendously both in terms of personal development such as report writing, presentation and public speaking and professional development. In terms of technical knowledge, project management and engaging with the external collaborators. My long term placement in year 2 was extremely important, this enabled me to build the foundation and knowledge that I need for my current role.

Scheme Highlights

For me, the highlight of the scheme was the friends that I made along the way. In 2018, I was the only candidate that graduated outside the University of Warwick. However, everyone welcomed me with open arms and we have made so many wonderful memories together from our interaction within and outside of work. Five of the graduates also worked together to deliver a project from start to finish, this involved writing the project proposal, project management, technical development and event planning. We successfully created a Cooperative Self-driving Miniature Car (CoSMiC) as a demonstration and research tool. This was a great experience and a real success for WMG.

Is there any advice you would offer prospective applicants

I would like to offer two pieces of advice. First of all, don’t be afraid to ask questions, everyone here is so friendly and willing to help if you just approach and ask. It’s much better to ask the ‘stupid’ question (there is no stupid question by the way) then make the wrong assumption and failing your task. Secondly, be proactive, do not wait for opportunities, it’s much better to find and create those opportunities for yourself!