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Katerina Gonos


Katerina Gonos

Energy Innovation

Why I applied...

As I approached the end of my 4 year degree in Chemistry, I was unsure of what to do next. Although I loved my subject, I was keen to move out of pure academia and experience a more applied use of my knowledge and skills, namely electrochemistry. The scheme immediately seemed like a good fit, industrial research that used familiar theory in a new context, but offered a variety of placements to allow me to discover the best fit for me in terms of my future career.

My highlights...

To see familiar concepts being utilised in ground breaking research has been a definite highlight to me, as I love to see how theory is applied to ‘real-world’ problems. I have had the chance to work on a range of current, meaningful projects, both within and WMG and as part of collaborations with other organisations. The experience so far has enhanced by the people I’ve met, including the other Graduate Trainee Engineers on the scheme to senior managers and research staff.

My development...

I have already seen my knowledge of the field and my confidence in the lab go way beyond what it was during my degree. The scheme has also really developed my ability to work with a range of people to ensure results are delivered.

Above all, the programme has already started to help me realise where my specific interests lie and exposed me to options I would not have considered otherwise. Through the work I’m doing now and the experiences I’m having, my plans for the future are beginning to take shape.