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Company Sponsorship

doctoral student By sponsoring a doctoral student, or Research Entrepreneur, you’ll be harnessing specialist skills to conduct pioneering research into a specific challenge to improve your organisation’s competitiveness.

Your Research Entrepreneur will be focused on delivering tangible benefits such as reduced manufacturing costs, technological advances and process transformation. With access to a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge facilities at WMG the knowledge they gain is transferred directly back to your company and embedded in everyday practice.

With access to our own established multi-sector networks, they can develop critical relationships with fellow students, senior industrialists, policy makers, opinion-formers, and have opportunities to spend time in global organisations.

As a sponsor, you’ll provide access to your staff and facilities, and an experienced industrial mentor to support the Research Entrepreneur and ensure that research is aligned to your long term strategic goals.

You’ll benefit from an innovative approach to problem solving which can transform entire ways of thinking, deliver permanent culture changes and influence future direction.

You may already have an employee in mind – from someone in the early stages of their career or a senior manager – or we can find one for you.

If you have a project which could form part of a Doctorate, contact us today and see how we can help.

-- Some of the companies we already work with include --