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Curtis Turton

Curtis Turton

Applied Engineering Programme

Organisation: Aston Martin Lagonda

Why did you decide to do a degree apprenticeship?

I’ve always enjoyed getting involved and learning from experience. So, to be able to do this alongside studying for my degree was an obvious route for me.

Briefly describe your role and the types of projects/work you have been involved in

I currently work as a CAD Engineer in the body closures department designing 3D models and drawings for panels such as the decklid, doors and bonnet. Previous to closures, I worked in a similar role for the Body in White department. As an apprentice at Aston Martin, I get the opportunity to rotate between departments to gain a broad experience of the business, so I will also be working with the design studio, CAE, chassis, safety and much more.

What have you enjoyed the most about your studies?

Working around people with industry knowledge has been great, and I think it’s helped with my studies too. After studying different theories and concepts at university, it’s useful to see them being put into practice at work so I can apply them to real world engineering.

What is the most useful thing you have learnt?

For me, the Design for Manufacture module has been the most useful so far because it relates so closely to the work I’ve been doing. I’ve learnt new things as well as developed on knowledge I’d already gained from work.

What skills are you applying to your role?

The majority of what I have learnt at university I’ve been able to observe, or apply to the departments I’ve worked in. As I rotate around the business, more and more of my theoretical knowledge will be applicable to my work.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I’d like to continue developing my skills at Aston Martin, and I’d especially like to get involved with the special projects we do. My long-term ambitions are to take on a managerial role at a senior level and develop up through the business.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone thinking about doing a degree apprenticeship?

Take as many opportunities as you can, because they will all teach you something. Don’t shy away from asking questions or getting into contact with people to try and gain some relevant experience; both before and during your apprenticeship. Make sure that an apprenticeship is something you definitely want to do though, because although it’s great fun, it is also a lot of hard work when balancing degree studies and a full-time job. As long as you’re determined, the rewards are definitely worth it.