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Jayendra Bhalodiya

Jayendra M Bhalodiya

PhD Student

PhD Title: Cardiac Image Computing and Analysis

What was your background and why did you decide to study for a PhD at WMG?

  • Before starting my PhD, I studied Information Technology and I was always fascinated by real world applications of algorithms. Indeed, WMG is a place for highly interdisciplinary projects, therefore, with the guidance of my previous supervisor Prof Manoj K Tiwari, I decided to study for a PhD at WMG.

Tell us about your research project…

  • My project is focused on developing Image Processing algorithms. The application aims to improve MRI-based diagnosis in heart failure patients by learning material properties of heart muscles.

What have you enjoyed most during your research degree?

  • I have enjoyed my interaction with my supervisor Prof Mark A Williams, he is always happy to give his best support to help me progress my project and career.

What are your plans after completing your research degree?

  • After completing my degree, I am planning to work in academia and extend my research, perhaps with broader collaborations. Moreover, I am also interested in brain tumour image processing algorithms.

What would you say to someone considering to do a research degree?

  • I would say that the most important thing is that you want to conduct research independently. You will also develop essential skills like teamwork, negotiation and prioritisation, amongst other things. It is a commitment for three to four years of time but I think it forms the best part of your life. Sometimes, it will be challenging, but these moments will be outweighed by a great sense of satisfaction and personal achievement. When you look back on the nearly impossible things that you completed, it will bring a self-appreciating and long lasting smile on your face. Your PhD can give you a lot of opportunities to turn your ideas into reality.