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Lorena Amorosa

Lorena Amoroso

EngD Student

EngD Title: Design and Fabrication of Novel Materials for Sensor Applications

What was your background and why did you decide to study for an EngD at WMG?

I graduated in Chemical Engineering and afterwards I decided to apply for an EngD at WMG as I was liked the unique opportunity to combine doctoral-level education with real industrial relevance. I was confident that my programme would provide a business focus combined with an industry collaboration. This is definitely the starting point for a brilliant future career in the engineering field.

Tell us about your research project…

My research project is focused on the development, fabrication and evaluation of novel materials (specifically nanocomposite foams) for use in ultrasonic flow metering applications with improved passive layers for ultrasonic transducers. The design of a new ultrasonic transducer assembly process will involve advancements in polymer manufacturing methods for the cost effective, sustainable and reliable manufacture of ultrasonic devices. This will result in new ultrasonic transducer constructs with greater performance. More efficient and consistent signal shapes could be achieved by substituting the materials used currently while obtaining a wider operating frequency range for such sensors.

What have you enjoyed most during your research degree?

I have enjoyed several aspects of my EngD. Besides the research topic in itself and the knowledge acquired, I was offered the possibility to participate in different events where I had the great opportunity to meet experienced and prominent people from both academia and industry.

What are your plans after completing your research degree? I am currently thinking about working in industry but I do not want to preclude any possibilities for collaborations with academia as well. I am passionate about research so I would like to continue somehow to do research after completing my degree.

What would you say to someone considering to do a research degree? I would encourage everybody to do a research degree, especially at WMG. The research capabilities, technologies, environment and support offered here will enable you to develop new skills to progress in your chosen profession.