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Martin Rogall

Martin Rogall

EngD Student

EngD Title: Value-Based Optimisation of Behind-The-Meter Lithium-Ion Battery Storage

What was your background and why did you decide to study for an EngD at WMG?

I studied Electrical Engineering and Industrial Management at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida in Germany. I specialised in energy system technologies and grid-connected battery storage. I was searching for a doctorate opportunity in my chosen field and this EngD project was recommended to me by EDF Energy. It was a perfect match for me.


Tell us about your research project…

My project evolves around the evaluation of Lithium-Ion battery storage from a third-party perspective. It is aimed to simulate the long-term behaviour and financial performance of such a storage system given the comparatively limited amount of information available to customers.


What have you enjoyed most during your research degree?

I most enjoy the variety in challenges at the desk, in the lab, at courses and at conferences. This variety breaks the concept of the daily grind and if you get stuck or bored at a certain task you can tackle a different problem and get back to it later.


What are your plans after completing your research degree?

I plan to expand my horizon by exploring other branches and projects in industry that relate to innovation in the energy system.


What would you say to someone considering to do a research degree?

A research degree requires dedication and persistence, so I highly advise that you choose a topic you can get behind and are passionate about. There will be a lot of challenges ahead, but if you like what you are working on you can overcome them all.