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Darisa Syahrini


Service Management & Design


“I have been inspired by the way that people think”

“I gained my first degree in Industrial Engineering in 2016 and was thinking about my next step. During the course, we had looked into service industries and I had become very interested in this area. I could see how current thinking in service science could make a positive impact on the growing tourism industry in Indonesia, and I was keen to research this area.

Having looked at courses in the UK, the USA and Australia, it was clear that WMG’s programme was the only one of its kind. It combines key elements of service design and management with an engineering aspect, which is a unique approach. WMG also collaborates with businesses like Rolls Royce and IBM to formulate research into service science, which is really interesting.

Made to feel welcome

Arriving at Warwick was very exciting. I had never ventured so far from home before and it felt like a major milestone in my life. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many smart and talented people from all across the world. Everyone is made to feel welcome and part of this wonderful international community. WMG’s staff were all extremely helpful, particularly my course leader. She helped to make everything run smoothly and became like a second mum to me.

I have to say that I found the course very challenging. We completed each module in one intensive week, working eight hours a day. Then we had four weeks to complete an assignment, during which we were completely free to organise our own timetables. I was also working on my dissertation at the same time. I did find this stressful at first but the staff and my fellow students were very supportive. We all helped each other and soon became used to working this way.

This is actually an important part of the learning process, as it taught me how to manage my time properly. I do feel that it also helped me develop a more mature outlook and be prepared for life in a working environment.

Working together

The course is designed extremely well. I would go as far as to say that it is perfect. As a group, we did many business simulations which were very valuable. They show you how the theoretical ideas you learn about in the lectures actually work in real business situations. They also helped me become a much better teamworker.

In the Service Design and Delivery Module, we split into groups of five or six people and ran a company, with everyone taking on a different role as a leader of a department. Each had their own crises to handle and we worked together, bringing our different specialist areas to find a solution. We had to constantly communicate and collaborate throughout the exercise to keep our business running smoothly. It was hard work but exciting and I learned a lot about myself, as well as how organisations work.

Learning to think critically

I’m currently working on my dissertation which focuses on lean thinking within the hotel industry in Indonesia. I have collected data and am analysing it to establish which businesses have applied lean thinking and what impact it has had. Following that, my aim is to develop new strategies that can help this industry, with its own unique markets and challenges, to develop. This has brought in the knowledge I gained from one of my elective modules, Process Improvement Using Six Sigma, which is a particular area of interest.

When my course is finished, I am planning to work in the UK service sector to broaden my skills, then return to Indonesia and perhaps join a consultancy where I can help to drive improvement in the tourism industry. I feel that my course at WMG has perfectly prepared me for this – and I don’t just mean the academic learning. I have discovered how to think critically and not just accept what others say as the truth, but question it. I have also learned to enjoy networking. I’ve loved meeting so many new people at Warwick and have been inspired by the way that they think. It really has been an awesome year.”