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Yuwei Wang

Yuwei Wang Profile Picture

SMD Graduate 2012-2013


"Studying at WMG helped to open the career door for me."  

Yuwei Wang 1Did you enjoy your course?

It was extremely interesting and enjoyable – and challenging too, as many of the subject areas were completely new to me. For example, the Project Planning, Management and Control module introduced a number of new concepts. I remember that module particularly because I’m using a lot of what I learned in my job now. Another was Innovation; this is not an area I had really considered before, but it made me think differently. The course changed my perceptions and the way I approach things.

Did you find it very intensive?

As the programme is completed in just one year, there is a lot of material to cover, so yes, I was definitely kept busy! Modules are taught over one week of tutorials and project work, which is very intensive. The lessons are well structured though, and this I found that this approach worked well. My classmates and I agreed that we remembered a lot more by learning this way. Also, the group work and simulations put the theory into context, as we experienced how it could be applied in actual business situations.

Why did you decide to study Service Management and Design?

It is a new programme that I felt would equip me to build my career in a rapidly growing area. Achieving service excellence is crucial for organisations if they are to stay ahead of the competition – and they need leaders with the expertise to help them achieve that. I wanted to learn about the latest techniques and systems that can improve service functions, as well as developing my overall business and management skills. The course content, combined with WMG’s excellent reputation in China, made it my clear first choice.

Was this your first time in the UK?

No. As part of my first degree in Advertising and Marketing Communication at China Agricultural University, I spent a year at the University of Bedfordshire. After that I went back to China and worked as a Project Manager for Sisgoin Technology Ltd in Beijing for three months, where I led the project team that planned and designed the Beijing Old Summer Palace Lighting and Landscape Sightseeing Project. I did enjoy my time in the UK and wanted to return to study for my Masters degree.

Going back to your course, what was your dissertation subject?

I considered service strategies in international product-oriented media companies. The media industry is in a period of transformation with innovative developments like iTunes forcing the pressure of change. I researched companies like HMV, Blockbuster, LOVEFiLM and Netflix to determine the benefits that a Product Service System would bring to the organisation, while generating a new product-service mix business model and defining the methods for its application.

Yuwei Wang 3Did you get involved with any of the university’s social activities?

I was an active member of the Oriental Performance Society. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I would advise any student to make the most of the many social activities available. It was very rewarding and gave me the opportunity to meet and make friends with students from across the world. This experience gave me many precious memories that I will treasure all of my life.

What have you done since leaving Warwick?

I returned to China and applied for a number of jobs. I was offered two roles and I chose to join Nestle’s sourcing team as a Procurement Specialist. I do think that studying at WMG helped to open the door for me. Three of my colleagues here at Nestle studied there, so the high quality of its graduates is recognised.

During the interviews it became clear that the skills and knowledge I had gained during my course would be directly transferable to a role in procurement, particularly in the areas of outsourcing and lean business. My job includes best cost origin sourcing supplier development and the strategic procurement of Nespresso – and what I learned at Warwick is definitely helping me to build my career and succeed in the business.