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Shipping for Success: the WMG graduate on the frontline of international trade

Shipping for Success: the WMG graduate on the frontline of international trade

When the world is in lockdown, people still have to eat. Even when a global pandemic like the coronavirus outbreak triggers a shortage of transport vessels because of restrictions in China.

Finding a solution is what multi-national shipping companies must do to ensure vital food products – and other cargoes – reach their destination. For Andrea Scarpitta, who graduated from WMG with a distinction in International Trade, Strategy and Operations, this is all part of the challenge for which he trained.

‘The course gave me a global picture of international trade and the knowledge to handle the situations we face,’ explains the 25-year-old who handles Far East export for Mediterranean Shipping Company, one of the world’s leading container shipping lines.

‘Some countries have a better chance of accessing certain products. From a social perspective, my goal is for everyone to have the same possibilities regardless of where in the world they live.’

The international trade has its own ‘language’ – universal terms that are essential in drawing up contracts and delivering goods. It was during the WMG course that Andrea learned these phrases. This has enabled him to meet the expectations of MSc clients among which include many of the World's blue-chip companies.

Currently located in Chicago for a Swiss-based multi-national, Andrea has been quick to learn the importance of understanding the mindset of everyone he deals with. His WMG experience has enabled him to adapt to a global environment. ‘It was so useful learning alongside people from other countries. You get to see how they work differently.’

To a layperson, cargo ships will all look much the same. To Andrea, different modes of transport and the equipment involved can mean the difference between a successful delivery or disaster. The logistics training he received at WMG was the foundation for his expert knowledge. ‘We’re responsible if a container gets lost or damaged,’ he says.

Andrea is adamant that his job is not his life. That said, this ‘determined’ WMG graduate admits that he likes waking up early to go to work and putting in how ever many extra hours it takes. As he puts it simply: ‘I like to get the job done.’