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Eason Wu


International Trade, Strategy and Operations


“Everything is geared to giving you the knowledge and skills that employers want.”

What were you doing before you came to WMG?

Until 2015 I was studying at the University of Melbourne for my Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in finance and marketing. I was interested in pursuing a career in International trade, particularly as a consultant, as I felt that it would bring together all of the areas I had studied and utilise my personal strengths.

Why did you choose to study at WMG?

It happened by accident really. I was looking into courses at Warwick Business School and I came across WMG’s MSc in International Trade, Strategy and Operations. The subjects it covers were exactly what I was looking for and it seemed as though it had been designed specifically for me! What also stood out was the way the course is scheduled. A week of classroom learning from 9am to 6pm which is very business like, followed by a month to complete each assignment, giving me the time and freedom to manage my own research. This was unlike anything else I found and I felt that it would suit me perfectly. There was also the free coffee of course!

What were your first impressions when you arrived at Warwick?

I liked the fact that it is set in countryside and not the city. That makes the whole atmosphere very peaceful and calm, although the facilities are extremely smart and modern. What’s also good is that it is self-contained and feels like a real centre of learning. Everything you need is there on campus and can be easily reached.

Did you enjoy the course?

Very much so. It’s very practical with a lot of time spent working with classmates on projects and presentations. This style of learning bridges the gap between academic theory and the real world of business – and gives you the chance to put what you’ve learned into practice. It was also refreshing not to have exams. When you’re studying for exams, you simply memorise information. But with WMG’s mix of lectures, simulations, self-directed research and assignments, you actually understand that information and how it applies to business. To me, that is what a masters is all about.

What did the simulations actually involve?

The one we did in the Strategic Marketing module is a good example. We had four groups of students, all working to design marketing strategies with the groups competing with each other. The way it’s designed is excellent because it feels like a real working situation. There were tensions in the group and even during the breaks we’d be together talking about it and discussing ideas. I had never worked this was before and it was a bit of a shock at first, but these simulations were hugely valuable – not least because you learn to work collaboratively in a team which is a key business skill.

Did you get involved in any extra-curricular activities?

When I first arrived there were lots of activities to get involved in, but I saw a opportunity to work on a project for a recruitment business on the campus. I was a Student Consulting Analyst, leading a consulting team of four and working across a number of areas including designing a strategy proposal for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This really enhanced my experience at Warwick and of course, since my aim is to be a consultant, it was ideal for me. I have already had a couple of job interviews and they were very interested in this project and the work I had done.

What are you looking to do next?

I’ll be returning to China and applying for jobs there. I have to say that I am a lot more confident than I was a year ago. All the way through, this masters course reflects the real commercial environment and what you gain from it proves your ability to make a positive impact on a business. Everything here is geared to giving you the knowledge and skills that employers want.